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"Having done three marathons in the past I was intrigued when I saw the treadmill marathon advertised. I thought it was bit of a challenge after not doing much running at present, but possible when spread over the three days allowed. I broke the distance up into four parts over the three days, 14km, 13km and finally 15km on the last day. I really enjoyed the experience.  It was hard though and I was glad to reach the end on Wednesday evening."
Paul Edington


"I joined the gym in February and was only running 1 or 2 kilometres, a few times a week, as part of my gym routine...So when I was asked to take part in The Regents Place Marathon I laughed and said it would be impossible. However, 4 days and 42 kilometres later, I had done it!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was once I started and I now have a new passion for running that I never had before...This week I entered the Ballot for the 2015 London Marathon!!"
Fiona Curran 

"I was a member when it was Virgin Active but left not long after it became Regents Place, I have to say that since coming back I have found the classes and facilities better, spinning room is awesome and straightners in the ladies are a hit!"
Lucie Baker 

I finished the last 50k (of the Tour de Regent's) this morning and to be honest, my backside is absolutely killing me!! I can’t think of a testimonial other than to wear proper cycling shorts next time but it did feel good to get to the finishing mark! I’ve never done anything like this even though I do three RPM classes a week and it was very different
Rik Dryden

"I haven’t taken part in something like this (Half Iron Man) before. The reason I decided to have a go was the challenge of completing something like this and the different disciplines involved. I really enjoyed the event although spending over 2 hours on a bike less so! I would recommend it to other gym members and look forward to the next event."
Eric Sluyter

"The regular competition’s held at the gym always add an enjoyment edge to working out and keeping fit by testing yourself against others and competing with previous personal bests. As well as adding a new workout or exercise to your weekly schedule".
Felix Pearson

Felix Pearson with his Strongest Man certificate!

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